As long as Joanna has been writing music, her obsession with everything ethereal and the divine has shown through. From religious studies and yoga to shamanism and energy-healing, her interests influence her songs, asking big questions about relationships and one’s place in the world.




Joanna's 2017 EP, IMAGO, is a powerful, prose-filled journey into the divine. Titled from the process of idealizing an image of a loved one, especially a child thinking of a parent, the album explores transforming relationships, false images of admirers, and projecting long-held feelings and needs onto lovers.

As long as Joanna has been writing music, her obsession with the mystical and with personal pilgrimage has shown through. Born in Hudson Valley, NY, Joanna has lived in San Francisco, Maui, London, Arizona, and Austin before coming to Nashville. While in Texas, she independently produced and released two albums, 2009’s Carnival Beginning and 2013’s Forget. She’s shared the stage with the likes of Sharon Van Etten, Mindy Smith and Melissa Ferrick. Her songs have been featured on Austin KUTX, on MTV and NBC, as well as on Poland’s hit soap opera Na Wspólnej.


From a very young age has been walking the yogic path as a student and teacher of the healing arts. Joanna began studying Yoga and Eastern Healing Methods in 2002 and later received her Kundalini Yoga Certification in 2007. During her college years, Joanna put music on pause for five years to focus on personal learning and growth with a spiritual group in Arizona, eschewing the traditional Arizona State University party undergraduate scene for the deep spirituality of the desert with yoga, meditation, and metaphysics. Her path focused on self-discovery and tapping into intangible forces, which for Joanna, would include coming back to her songwriting again, especially after the death of her father.

She currently teaches private yoga sessions, weekly classes at Kundalini Rising Studio, and facilitates workshops aimed at healing and empowerment. 



With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.
— Dalai Lama